Stained Glass

“In the beginning, was the Word…” The large stained glass window facing the parking lot was inspired by photographs of nebulae taken by the Hubble telescope. In these nebulae, we see the colors of creation. These areas where stars are being born inspired the color scheme.

The deep blue of space is used as the background color with clear and colored jewels of glass set randomly throughout as stars.

The cross is clear, beveled glass bordered in clear glass jewels to make the cross stand out. Veils of color create a backdrop enveloping the cross as if the cross is centered in creation. It is a bold witness to God’s saving love in Christ from the beginning of creation and into eternity.

The window was created by glass artist (and late member of Christ the Servant) Robert Uchner. Mr. Uchner received his formal training at Fachhochschule in Krefeld, West Germany. He earned his B.A. and Masters degrees there, working with Gustav Funders and Joseph Beuys. After graduating, he taught there as Assistant Professor to Dr. Funders. Mr. Uchner was selected as one of West Germany’s best stained glass craftsmen in the national “Junges Handwerk Austellung” and earned the title “Master Craftsman”. He has done many church installations throughout the country.

The windows extending to the right and the left of the cross in the sanctuary are an extension of the creation-themed cross window. The prominent symbols are the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end), and the colors and expanse of creation radiate outward from the cross, which stands at the center of all things. These windows were also designed and begun by Robert Uchner, and they were completed by his apprentice and friend (and CTS member), Jeff Lorenzen.

Other works by Uchner and Lorenzen at CTS include a depiction of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet (the “Servant” image that inspires Christ the Servant), a baptism-themed panel that hangs above the baptismal font, and four abstract renderings of the traditional symbols for the four Gospel writers.


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